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Strategy and KPI's

New Markets

New markets provide growth paths and can help our business reach its full potential. To improve the chances of success we will adopt execution strategies best suited to these new markets and our business environment. 


Investing in our people brings the advantages of improved retention and allows us to identify talents for future planning and expansion. In 2020 we introduced a Worker Engagement Programme to measure our teams satisfaction through surveys and other metrics. Following this we will create KPIs to measure progress from that point.

New Clients

Our goal is to increase our client base through customer acquisition, allowing our business to remain healthy and grow. Our Customer Acquisition Strategy is:


1. Sustainable

This means that our investments can be upheld for the foreseeable future.


2. Flexible

Because the way people respond to marketing is always changing, and;


3. Diversified

To create a balance between risk and reward.

New Services

It's always easier to fill a need than to create one. Our goal is to successfully offer new services, focusing exclusively on the prospects our clients most likely require. By creating unique value propositions and meeting the needs of our client’s, we believe we can make a positive difference their businesses and to the industries in which we work.

Strategic Alliances

Strategic alliances create value by improving organisational, economic, and strategic advantages, allowing us to achieve objectives we're  unable to do on our own:

1. Organisational    

Learn necessary skills and obtain certain capabilities from partners to enhance productive output.


2. Economic   

Reducing costs and risks by distributing them across the members of the alliance, and;



3. Strategic   

Creating a competitive advantage by the pooling of resources and skills.

Strategy and KPIs RRL Group
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