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Asset Management

Reliability and Maintainability performance directly  impacts overall business performance. RRL provides tailored asset management support that aligns with recognised standards for Asset Management, ensuring our clients achieve and maintain effective business performance improvements.


Our experienced engineers understand how to effectively manage the operation and maintenance of physical assets, supported by an approach centred on close collaboration and productive working. Our team is capable at identifying the structures and processes required to support and manage assets throughout their lifecycle, delivering optimal return on capital expenditure.

Our structured approach enables effective management of time, cost, and quality while adhering to all health, safety, and environmental standards. This facilitates beneficial change for your organisation. RRL offers a range of Asset Management services that are comprehensive and adaptable to your specific needs including, but not limited to;

- Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

- Optimisation of Operations and Maintenance

- Improving Maintenance Programs

- Condition Monitoring Reviews

- Optimising Operational Cost

- Project  Feasibility  Studies

- Critical Spares Review

- Reliability Analysis

- Safety Audits

Image by American Public Power Associati
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