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RRL Partners with SOMA Risk Management to Elevate Project Control and Risk Assessment Capabilities



RRL, known for its exceptional service in the Chemical, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing sectors, has announced a strategic partnership with SOMA Risk Management to bolster its project control and risk assessment capabilities. This collaboration merges RRL's extensive experience in engineering and project management with SOMA's expertise in advanced Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA). The partnership is set to enhance precision and reliability in managing complex projects, thereby improving RRL's services in planning, cost management, and risk assessment.

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A Focus on Comprehensive Risk Assessment


SOMA's specialty in QRA will allow RRL to provide more thorough project oversight, translating into tangible benefits for their clients. The QRA approach, which employs advanced Monte Carlo simulations, will enable RRL to offer a deeper evaluation of project risks, project schedules and cost outcomes. This integration of expertise is expected to empower businesses in making strategic decisions with greater confidence and insight.


Advanced Services in Quantitative Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis


The partnership will introduce advanced services to RRL's clients, incorporating Quantitative Cost Risk Assessment (QCRA) and Quantitative Schedule Risk Assessment (QSRA), which are essential parts of a comprehensive QRA of what we refer to as Confidence Modelling. These services provide detailed insights into potential cost and schedule risks, aiding in effective budgeting, scheduling, and risk mitigation strategies. By assessing both cost and schedule impacts under the QRA umbrella, RRL can offer a more thorough evaluation of project risks, ensuring that strategic decisions are made with greater confidence and insight


Key Methodology Components


Within the framework, the Schedule Impact Assessment identifies critical activities and potential delays, enabling effective prioritisation of resources and risk mitigation strategies. Concurrently, the Risk Register documents identified risks, significantly enhancing the project team’s capability to manage and mitigate risks effectively. Furthermore, QCRA through the Cost Impact Assessment, models cost uncertainties and generates a spectrum of possible cost outcomes, providing deep insights into potential cost overruns, variances, and the key risk drivers.


Together with QSRA, our QRA approach delivers Confidence Levels and Probabilistic Forecasts, offering stakeholders a probabilistic view of project outcomes and equipping them with the understanding of the range of possible outcomes based on varying risk scenarios. To facilitate effective communication and stakeholder engagement, Executive Summaries and Comprehensive Reports are generated, summarising the findings of the QRA and underpinning informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Empowering Strategic Decision-Making


With SOMA's risk models considering both uncertainties and potential risks, RRL's clients can expect a more robust framework for decision-making. The probabilistic forecasts and confidence levels provided by the QRA offer a range of possible project outcomes, empowering businesses with the ability to navigate complexities more efficiently, ensuring project delivery that is on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. These probabilistic forecasts facilitate more accurate project planning, decision-making, and risk mitigation. 


Closing Remarks


SOMA offers a comprehensive suite of project control services, including estimating, cost planning, and risk management. This strategic partnership between RRL and SOMA marks a significant advancement in the field of project management and risk assessment. By combining RRL's extensive experience in critical sectors with SOMA's innovative methodologies, this collaboration is poised to transform how projects are managed and risks are assessed.



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