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Business Model

Driving Force

Strong Leadership

Providing clear vision and direction in a supportive work culture in which knowledge and learning are valued, enabling our team members to perform to the best of their ability.

Client Relationships

Long-term, collaborative, and productive working relationships built on respect, shared values, and trust.


Technical Expertise

Highly skilled, highly knowledgeable workforce with extensive industrial experience. 

Revenue Streams

Revenue generation from multiple streams and a optimised and controlled strategy based on client focus and cost effectiveness.


Modern and secure computer systems, suitable for business and client confidentiality requirements, coupled with the utilisation of standardised company  processes and procedures for operating efficiency. 

Business Growth Strategy

RRL's business model with strong leadership, clear direction, and long-term client focus.

Value Created

Short and Medium Term

Sustained annual growth with strong financial and profitability ratios.


Multi-disciplined services  offered from a single source, with tailored options, supported by technical expertise and reliable added-value.

Respected collaborative working partnerships.

Rewarding and progressive careers for staff members, through professional development and promotion of a positive working environment.

Reliable, efficient solutions delivered within time, cost, and quality expectations.​

Long Term

One of the most recognisable Engineering Consultancies in the UK, providing high quality and cost-competitive services in industry.

Sustainable long-term growth, through reliable repeat business and increased company recognition.

Experience, stability, and strength to support multi-disciplined long-term projects.

Increased resources to adapt and explore new market opportunities.

Leadership in Engineering Consulting and Project Management,  providing effective and efficient solutions for industry.

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